Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Country Acres is to provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment for children and their families to grow closer to each other and to God through the beauty of nature and God’s word.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see each child be successful through empowering them with God’s word.


At Country Acres, we believe in nurturing the whole child by meeting their needs physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We believe in providing children with the opportunity to discover who they are in Christ. We allow our children to learn through exploring God’s nature. We teach children the importance of building healthy relationships and discuss the traits of a great friend through modeling and skit play. We teach children how to make friends that last a lifetime by accepting people for their unique qualities. We promote a cooperative learning community where children learn by working together and by using problem-solving skills. Physical activity is a large part of our day, and we teach the importance of healthy choices and healthy living.  We believe that each child deserves the chance to have a life changing experience he or she will never forget.


County Acres is a place where…


  • memories are made to last a lifetime.
  • friendships are developed.
  • futures begin.
  • opportunities to learn and grow are endless.
  • children are always first.













Country Acres Day Camp….Where children are connecting with God’s word and the great outdoors to create unforgettable memories!!!






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